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Social Responsability

Turkish Pediatric Associaton

As AMC-PCO of Turkish Pediatric Associaton, Solo Event was involved in awareness projects in social media and printed press due to occuring violence events agains heath profesionals.


Ataturk,Youth and Sports Day

Sports equipment had been awarded to three followers on May 19, Commemoration of Ataturk,Youth and Sports Day

Mother’s Day

A dinner had been awarded to the followers with their mothers, to celebrate Mother’s Day

National Sovereignty & Children’s Day

Entrance to fascinating Koc Museum had been granted for the children on April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

World Peace Day

World Peace Day

Child Abuse

Message in response to escalating news of child abuse nationwide

Paralympic Games

Congratulations for the disabled swimmer Sümeyye Boyacı in paralympic games

Memorial Forest

Solo Event awarded saplings for the 5 June World Environment Day, to be planted in Solo Event Memorial Forest


Awareness for Authism

World Health Day

Holiday packages had been awarded for followers participating to our sporting session during the World Health Day